Revitalising the website for a premier market status.

As with most FMCG brands, website has become very neglected space. Sunny Oils had been working hard to deeply understand their customers and create a platform that is uniquely suited to both brand and the customers alike. And whilst their product was hitting all the right notes in their target market, their marketing team felt that their website was vastly underselling their powerful imagery. — so I came onboard to help.


After extensive competitor research, I along with the designer onboard (Kartik Venkat)  identified a design aesthetic and developed the same. Especially, the flow in the logo speak for a unique visual aid and recognition.


I then further created over 20 sample pages each with either entirely or a little unique visuals of product feature proposition, before finalising the ones which made the cut. Using PHP the final pages were developed.

Empowering them to confidently use their website as a medium to communicate about their brand